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Camping with Thermomix

Over Christmas we went away to our favourite camping spot in the Strezlecki ranges, to a caravan park in the middle of the bush with no mobile phone reception (yay...freedom), however it does have a loo & shower block and powered sites! So off we go with our tent and Thermomix. Who says camping needs to be fried eggs for brekky, sandwiches for lunch and a BBQ for dinner. Here is our camping menu.

Day 1
Dinner - Mushroom risotto with red wine and rosemary, and a garden salad

Day 2
Breakfast - Green Smoothie
Lunch - (while hiking) - avocado and vegemite sandwiches on gluten free bread - ok, not very gourmet but it had to be portable and I did make the GF bread in the TM before coming camping

Entree - Hummus with dukkah
Dinner - Steamed vegetables with yummy toppings

Day 3 
Breakfast - Green Smoothie
Lunch - quinoa with corn, steamed omelette, and garden salad
Entree - the rest of the hummus
Dinner - Hot potato salad

Day 4
Breakfast - Green Smoothie

Breakfast - Green Smoothies

A green smoothie is fruit based smoothie with raw green leaves blended through it. Green smoothies are not milk or yoghurt based, like most smoothies in the general population. Green smoothies are a nutritional powerhouse full of good quality calories from sweet fruit, fibre from fruit and greens, minerals from greens, vitamins from fruit and greens, protein from greens, the list goes on. People generally don't eat enough fruit and enough greens, so green smoothies are a great way to get more of both. They are also super quick and easy so there is no excuse to be missing breakfast.

While camping our smoothies were pretty basic and the same each day but usually I change them each day at home. My recipes are always for two people and makes about 450ml each which will see you through to lunchtime very happily.

Green Smoothie Ingredients
2 large bananas halved
2 oranges with the pith and peel cut off and halved
3-4 silverbeet leaves
1 big glass of water (about 450 ml)
2 tsp InLiven Probiotic Superfood

Put everything in TM bowl and blend for 1.5 to 2 mins on speed 8-9

For more Green Smoothie recipes of mine please visit

See my gluten free bread recipe already posted on this site

Quinoa with corn and steamed omelette

serves two 
1 MC of white quinoa rinsed (to get rid of bitter, soapy coating)
1 cob of fresh corn, kernels cut off

4 free range organic eggs
50g cheese (optional if dairy free)chopped in TM and set aside
chopped fresh herbs e.g chives, parsley, coriander
salt and pepper

Place quinoa in basket with 600mls of water

Cook on varoma temp for 20 mins, speed 4
Add corn kernals and cook another 5 mins
Place in thermoserver and toss with a Tbs of olive or coconut oil, a splash of tamari and a good grind of pepper

Top up water to 500g and heat  till it reaches varoma temperature - it will take about 5 mins
Whisk omelette ingredients together in a bowl
Place a piece of baking paper in the bottom of the varoma dish and pour the omelette mixture on it.
Once the varoma temp is reached, place the varoma dish in position with the lid on, and cook on varoma temp for 5-6 minutes, speed 4. The omelette will puff up nicely when its cooked

Slice the omelette in two with the spatula and serve with the quinoa and fresh green salad


Hummus and dukkah is on page 49 of the Everyday cookbook
I use orange juice and lemon juice and up to 60-70g in total
I use only 1 clove of garlic


Mushroom risotto with red wine and rosemary

serves two

160g arborio rice
480g water
1 tbs stock concentrate (Page 17 Everyday Cookbook)
200g portobello mushrooms, sliced
a small handful of dried mushrooms
2 sprigs of rosemary, leaves peeled off stems
2 cloves of garlic, peeled
1 small onion, peeled and halved
25g olive oil
50ml red wine
50g Parmesan cheese(optional)
2 strips of lemon zest

Chop cheese and lemon zest for 10 secs speed 9 and set aside
Chop garlic, dried mushrooms and rosemary for 7 secs on speed 7
Chop onion for 2-3 secs on speed 5
Scrape down sides and add olive oil, heat on 100 degrees for 2 mins on speed 2, reverse
Scrape down sides and add rice and wine, heat on 100 degrees for 2 mins on speed 2, reverse
Scrape down sides and add water, stock paste and fresh mushrooms, heat 100 degrees for 16 mins, reverse speed 2
Place risotto in thermoserver, stir through cheese (optional) and lots of black pepper, allow to rest for 5 mins

Serve with green salad

Steamed vegetables with yummy toppings

My fave veg to steam right now is cauliflower, radishes, green beans, asparagus and pumpkin.

Pumpkin, whole radishes and cauli take about 10-12 mins of steaming time, green beans and asparagus about 5-6, so put the former veg in the bottom tray and the rest in the top and set aside. Once water has reached varoma temp then time the veg as discussed above. Times will vary on the size you cut the veg, and if the veg are cold or room temp. Bring approx 500-600g of water to varoma temp speed 2-3 and set the timer for 6 mins, add the cauli/radishes/pumpkin on and then add the top tray with the beans and asparagus for another 6 mins.

The amount of veg to serve is enough to fill a large soup bowl well for however many people you are feeding.

Once steamed toss the veg in a little butter or olive oil, a splash of tamari, ground black pepper, a few drops of toasted sesame oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds or cashews.

I think I may have added a tin of 4 bean mix to this meal. Warm the beans in the top tray for the last two mins.

Hot potato Salad

serves two

2-3 large potatoes or eqivalent
2 eggs
TM mayonnaise  (Page 55 Everyday Cookbook)
A few polski ogorki pickles
Fresh chives
Salt and pepper

Boil 2 eggs in the basket in enough water to just cover them, for about 6 mins from the time the water boils
Discard egg water and place 800g of water in the TM bowl
Peel and cut potatoes into the size you like to eat them in a potato salad and place in varoma dish
Cook potatoes for 20-35mins (depending on the size, just keep checking) on varoma speed 2

Add peeled and quartered eggs, slicked pickles, chopped herbs and potatoes in a thermoserver and gently toss together.
Add salt and paper and enough mayo to coat the mixture generously and to your liking
Serve immediately

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